New Kanye Album- The Donda Stream

As far as I can remember I was drawn to music. For an adolescent who was settling in from a foreign country, my music choices were quite eclectic. I valued the cultural music I grew up listening to first and foremost. Influenced by, or should I say… cleaning to, legends such as Jose Jose, Las…

“Imma Stand by My Man” – Tabitha Brown Inspired

We live in a time where social media rules the topic of the day. Besides “Donda”, now trending (definitely a topic I’ll be exploring by the way), the incident between Wendy Williams and Tabitha Brown was echoing in the social media world just a few short weeks ago.  The video going viral within a matter…

Wanderlust: Travel Adventures- Series Five

Travel or Bust! This one’s for the majority of you who responded to my recent social media poll thus granting this series be focused on travel. And for those of you who wanted more of reading, I certainly have some of that coming your way. In fact, I’d say I credit reading for my love…

Self Care, Best Care- Series Four

Be your own BESTIE, or your own ENEMY: Living with Anxiety Let’s just dive right in. Shall we? Knowing what I now know about anxiety, I’m surprised that in 2003 when I was diagnosed with depression, the doctor didn’t diagnose me with anxiety as well, as they go hand in hand. This was at the…

FIND YOUR LIGHT!- Series Three

INTEND. AFFIRM. MANIFEST. For years, I’d like to say I felt confident. I felt I believed in myself “enough”. I felt, I was doing just as I should have been doing, given my current circumstances. I was accomplished. In the eyes of the world at least, I’d be considered, ‘accomplished’. I purchased my first home,…

Healing in your Skin- Series Two

Relationship Shmalionships Today we start a new series titled, “Our past shapes us”. We’ll be diving into a number of different topics that combined are a reflection of the person we’ve morphed into today. I’ll start by sharing some of my own history. Being very careful to protect the privacy of the “innocent.” (winks) I…

Transparency Wins Hearts- Series One

Let’s get NAKED! I’ve been introducing myself in a myriad of different ways since high school oral communications class.  Each time, sharing less, sprucing it up, and sharing more. Being brief, shy, and long-winded when I gained confidence, leaving myself with the desire to share all my accolades, while trying to remain humble in other…


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