I’m a Writer, Advocate, & Speaker living in the Sunshine State.

I’m a Public Administration professional and community advocate.

I’m a lover of people, God, and spiritual peace seeker. Living life one day at a time. Keeping Him first… and representing as best I can.

I’m a proud afro-Latina.

I’m the daughter to two traditional Dominican parents, and the offspring to one Puerto Rican sponsor.

I’m one of 7 children of an eclectic and complicated mixed family.

I’m a 42 year old mother of a 22 year old son.

I’m a wife to a solid army vet turned law enforcement officer turned business genius.

I’m a crisis interventionist of sorts.

I’m a non-profit program creator and collaborator.

I’m a mentor.

I’m a unifier.  The community cousin, as I’ve been so eloquently described by one of my cousins. Staying in touch with as many of the 41 cousins as possible. Always looking for ways to keep the family united.

I’m a former franchise owner.

I’m a nature lover.

I’m a traveler.

I’m an introvert.

I’m a self-care “guru” (I use this term loosely).

I’m a recovered, but still a work in progress, perfectionist.

I am a, learning as I go, Fashionista and somehow I KILL IT every time (or so I’m told).

I’m a foodie.

I’m a reader.

I’m a fighter.

I’m a child molestation survivor.

I’m the self-proclaimed black sheep of my immediate family.

I am full of life and wonderfully complex.

All these things describe me in so many ways. Each having an unraveling of mixed emotions, strengths, and distinctions. All which shaped me in to the person I am today.

Over the years, I’ve been told countless times how my writing has inspired others, how it reaches their soul, how my words are ever so eloquent both in writing as in person, emotional at best and genuine. I’ve been encouraged to write Hallmark Cards, to start a Blog, to finally get that book published.

Behind the scenes, I’m the go to person for everyone looking for sound advice, an unbiased opinion, for guidance and motivation. The ultimate non-judgmental sounding board.

Since 2007 I’ve been cracking this door open, attending local writers groups, writing notes, building, and tucking it all away. Life gets in the way, our dreams are put on pause and well… here we are.