Book Reviews

“A truly delightful dance of harmonious words that pull on the heart strings. A thought provoking journey of self-discovery. A call to action, if you will, with heartwarming and nostalgic references. Great read and truly recommended!”

Achieving Peace, Purpose and Prosperity by Karin C. Weiri

A heartfelt love story from start to finish. The author’s description of a tumultuous relationship that depleted her soul turned to a developing and fulfilling relationship with her Savior. It envelopes you. Like a time machine transporting you to young love once experienced. It’s nostalgic. You feel the pain all whilst being awakened by her very own enlightenment. This short and sweet account of a young lady seeking her-self through life changing relationships is one worthy of reading. Lovely dance of words that hold tightly to your heartstrings.”

I’m Done by Irene Medina, in Women Standing Strong Together Volume II



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