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“I’m a writer. I write not only for a living, I write because I am a writer.”

Garry Jennings

Lin Green is a Mental Health, Well-being, and Lifestyle Content Writer. As a certified writer, blogger, and with experience in content creation, Spanish translation, influencer-marketing, and organic social media production and marketing, Lin Green has been able to grow her reading audience and help others do the same.

“Early on in life I knew I had a gift. A unique “priestly pen-like” gift that’s morphed into words that have pierced the heart and souls of many. A spiritual gift if you will. Fingers gliding off the keys as quickly as my mind creates the vision. And this gift, is further confirmed in the many ways I’m able to serve the public.”

Lin Green

Why pay someone to write for you?

First and foremost, it’s an investment. Most brands/blogs go at it alone, forgetting they can easily delegate this task to a Freelance Writer.  As writing experts, Freelance Writers will take the time research the market, your product, your business, and develop the most clear and concise writing work you need to represent you and your brand.  In fact, it may even save you money in the long run. Thus turning passive readers into clients.

What you’ll get:

  • Clear, concise, and empowering SEO-driven copy.
  • Up to date, relevant content.
  • More time to spend on the job you trained to do.


Offering services for informational guides, website content, blogs, feature articles, SEO writing, internal newsletters and email marketing – whatever kind of written content you need, I can deliver.

GHOSTWRITING – starting at $800 (includes editing, proofreading, layout/formatting)

You have an idea of what you want to say, but you’re not a writer. No problem! As your ghostwriter I’ll help you draft, research and perfect your story, whether it’s a nonfiction book, an essay, a bio, a case study or an email newsletter written in your voice.

REVIEW WRITING- $47 flat fee

Did you know you can reach a wider audience, sell more books, increase views to your site, and catapult interest to your business when you have organic and positive written reviews?  Whether you’ve got a product you just launched, a book you’ve just published, or a service you offer, reviews are essential to driving its interest. Gain customer loyalty, garner trust, and boost your brands reputation. Send your product, book, or site my way. I’d love to chat with you about your review writing needs.

Get in touch to discuss your projects. Use the form below or, for the speediest reply, email me directly at .

Lin Green is a Writer, Advocate, Speaker, and Content Creator who works with

Mental Health, Well-being, Public Service, and Lifestyle organizations.



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