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Dear reader:
Thank you for visiting my page. Your presence here is NOT a coincidence.
I’m grateful for your continued support, for your participation in response to my posts, and for your constant presence on this platform.
This site was created with loads of love, prayer, and with you in mind.

Ever have something you kept deep down inside? Something that no matter how much you buried it always made its way up? An incessant desire to be more, to do more, to follow your passion? That’s what writing has been like for me. As early as elementary school, after I “mastered” the English language, I knew the power of words. Never forgetting my English teachers words, “the more you read, the more you’ll build your vocabulary.”

So I buried my head in a book, or two, or three. The importance of spelling words correctly, the power in knowing their meanings, the strength in knowing many of them, the way speaking them when your parents couldn’t, empowered you, and how it allowed you access to a different world.  How I became a translator at the tender age of 7. Words were my safe haven.

I can’t wait to share a glimpse into my life with you. And in doing so not just continue to heal myself… but help many of you in the process. My hope through this platform is to reach out to as many broken gems as possible. Those gems who’s shine has never diminished … but only dulled for a season. Let’s polish one another.

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Love, Lin