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In response to: “I’d like to read about motivation and consistency, personally and professionally.” 8/3/22

This blog post is dedicated to the self-proclaimed procrastinators. To the ones struggling with motivation and maintaining consistency. You. The one with all the dreams and goals, yet are lacking that extra push. To the little voice inside of you that tells you that you aren’t good enough. The voice that tells you to “just sit down” and “relax”, even when you have a pile of things waiting to be tackled within your line of site. Yes, YOU. That YOU has also been me. So, when I posed this week’s question, “What can I write about that could help you this week?” Dear follower, your response struck a nerve. I’ve been there.

Have you noticed the shift? The momentum? The past two years has shown us more than any other time in history that it’s time to get our act together. Out of the woodwork came all these thoughts that made us evaluate where we stood. It made us question our life decisions and our careers (among other things); but these two things in particular were at the top of the list. It’s what has spiked the incessant desire for many to quit their jobs, to start a new business, or simply fueled the fire in us to do what we were destined to do to begin with. The passion, was motivation. That was easy to obtain in this moment of clarity. It also could have been the fact that for many of us, it seemed like our lives were flashing before our eyes. Forcing us to take a look at our current circumstances, at our past, and decide to make a change… for the better of course. That, was motivation.

This need to change wasn’t only in the professional arena, you see? It also made us re-evaluate our personal lives. Our health and our families took high priority. All of a sudden the petty things that used to concern us before, just weren’t a match for the things we now found more valuable… peace of mind, overall health, and mental well-being. With that of course, came an influx of fitness fanatics. The dedication to push for fitness, for healthier eating, and an active lifestyle was at an all time high. And the need to see the world through different lenses, explore, and find new experiences ignited the travel-bug in many of us as well. That, was motivation.

Here’s the kicker, though we were all rapid igniters during this time, truth is… motivation doesn’t come easy. For many, motivation comes at a cost; a sacrifice even. It’s the starting point to realizing that being stagnant just isn’t “the jam” anymore. Reality is, those highs and lows come and go. Its normal to lose motivation. To feel like you’re back at Point A. The key is in creating good habits. Building positive practices helps keep the momentum going. But building healthy customs isn’t where it ends. Its maintaining a consistent habitual plan towards your goals that will lead you to the promise land.

Consistency is the biggest factor to accomplishment and success. It’s the only way to see progress. It’s what transforms average to excellence. Following close behind is the big “D” word. Establishing discipline is what keeps us growing. Yes, DISCIPLINE. Why is it that we dread this word so much? Because maintaining discipline isn’t easy, that’s why. Its human nature to want to be carefree. To convince ourselves that we need a break. That little voice in your head that tells you, “I think you’ve done enough, now go lay down.” It takes courage to ignore that voice, and focus to get there.

It’s a domino effect you see? Motivation, leads to creating good habits, which leads to the need to be consistent, to maintain the motivation AND those habits, which takes discipline and boom… SUCCESS!

John C. Maxwell, one of my absolute favorite authors, wrote a book on the Law of Consistency.  In the book, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, he describes in detail what habits one must develop in order to see continued success in both our professional and personal lives. They can be summarized as follows:

  1. It is important to know what areas you need to see growth in order to reach the maximum level of personal and professional growth you desire.
    • Simply ask yourself, “In what areas do I need to grow in order to get closer to my goal?”
  2. Become a student. Give yourself opportunities to learn the craft and explore the path to building a significant foundation by reading a book, finding a mentor, and/or a coach that will help you navigate this world in which you need to excel.
    • Sign up for a specialized course.
    • Invest in YOU.
  3. Ask yourself the ultimate question, WHY? We hear this a lot. In fact, I’m certain it’s not the first time you’ve read it in this blog. Finding your WHY is critical to establishing the mental connection as to why you’re trying to achieve your goals in the first place. Knowing this helps to redirect you on your low motivation days. The WHY has to be a life-changing, gut wrenching, soul-seeking response. It’s supposed to drive you towards seeking continued success in that area.
    • Think of something you’d like to accomplish before your run on this earth is over.
    • Then, think of never giving yourself the opportunity to accomplish it.
    • How does that make you feel?
  4. When is this change supposed to happen? Can it wait for tomorrow? Next week? Next month? If you didn’t know how to answer any of those questions, let’s just say, I’m glad you’re here. The correct answer is:
    • When is this change supposed to happen? NOW.
    • Can it wait for tomorrow, next week, or next month? NO, NO, NO.

If you can’t answer NOW and NO to those questions, you may have some more soul searching to do (and for that, you’re definitely in the right place). If you answered correctly, you understand that today is the best day to get started on realizing your dreams. Be intentional about it. It’s no mistake you were nudged in this direction in the first place.

  • Lastly, complete this sentence: Birds of a feather, ____________.
    • What does your inner-circle look like?
    • Are you surrounding yourself with individuals who will lift you higher and help you reach your goals?
    • Consider how your environment is contributing to your stagnant way of life. Then start to make the changes necessary to build your foundation.

I’ll tell you a story. It hurt me to my core because it was the one thing I didn’t want to be told and well, the universe was sending me messages that I couldn’t ignore. For a period of time I kept seeing my birth day flashed everywhere. The month and day of my birth was in every direction I looked. On a building I just so happened to glance at while driving; the time on my watch, phone or dashboard; the register number on a receipt; the number on my copy machine print out; you name it, there it was. Initially I thought this was a sign of good things coming, and chalked it up to that.

Then one day, after having had a vivid dream in which my birth day once again flashed before my eyes, I did some research. Turns out, there were various interpretations:

  1. When you see your birthday number the universe is inviting you to celebrate in your successes. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments.
  2. Your spiritual alignment is moving you towards a lifetime of achievement. You are ending a long-term goal launching you into a new beginning.
  3. You’re in a season of completion. Completing projects, goals, relationships or life events. A launching pad to start new projects and birth new manifestations.

All these sounded great! Right on point. A pretty accurate depiction of where my life was in that given moment. But I decided to take it a step further. Someone told me to research my “Life Path Number.” In this study I found… wait for it:

  1. That I needed to manage my time, energy, and finances more efficiently so I could move closer to my goals.
  2. I needed a more rigid routine and more self-discipline.
  3. I also needed to start a budget and keep track of frivolous spending.

Oof! Talk about a blow to the ego. On one hand I was on top of the world. I could see my dreams and aspirations starting to come together. On the other hand, I needed that wake up call. Cause, well… it was true! I needed to take a step back, take my head out of the clouds, and realize that if I had invested in my projects in the way I was investing in other things, I would be much further along. This was a rude awakening. One that I needed to knock me off my feet and bring me back to reality. A welcomed realization, for sure. And though I know this is a rather off the wall interpretation, it’s something that came at just the right time, in just the right moment. We won’t all have the same universal signs, but if we’re in tune with ourselves, we can tell when something is off. When we’re not meeting our potential. We know this, whether you choose to ignore it, well, that’s on you. But the signs are rather obvious.

All this to say that, changing your thought process can lead to changes in your daily life structure. All of a sudden Wine-Down Wednesday’s and dare I say, Taco-Tuesday’s take a back seat to tasks on your to do list. But these things are all great ways to re-assess your current state of mind. Change isn’t easy. In fact, it’s scary. It’s also quite uncomfortable. And you know what it also is? It’s lonely. But what’s the alternative? To continue living a mediocre life and wander aimlessly? Sounds harsh I know. Sometimes the no holds barred attitude is what we need to come to the conclusion that we need to make a move. Nothing worth having is easy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But every successful person will tell you, it not only helps you build character, it catapults you to the next level of success.

I’ve referenced Steve Harvey, T.D. Jakes, as well as the honorable Dalai Lama in many of my blog posts because these men have been able to hone in on the secret to success. It means struggling, failing, falling flat on ones face, YES. But it also means, that in doing these very things you’ve developed enough character, strength, knowledge, and wisdom to know how to WIN in the long run.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out this link with Mr. John C. Maxwell himself as he explains The Law of Consistency and how he’s applied it to his life.

As always, I hope this message has encouraged you. To live your life to the best of your ability. To shine brighter each day and be your best self.  Yours truly. – Lin Green

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  1. Sandra says:

    Omg!!! This one was for me. I feel that I self sabotage by caring for everyone else and placing me on the back burner, rather than making me and my goals the priority. Thank you for this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Warms my heart to see this reached you. You are a gem! Thank you for your feedback. 🙏🏽


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