Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m LinLifestyle Enthusiast

Fit Mom. Fit Wife. Living a Fit Life in every sense of the word, or trying to at least. (wide-eyed shrug)

After all, every accomplishment starts with a decision to try doesn’t it?

I vow to provide a space where we can share insight, encouragement, empowerment, motivation, inspiration, release, and an overall satisfaction in life.

Let’s get creative, talk fashion, share DIY projects, fitness tips, tricks and goals, and yes FOOD! But it doesn’t stop there… let’s build! Join me as I travel, share cultural views, book reviews, and develop collaborations with influential people.

My dream is that we are able to develop a platform where we can support and encourage one another, share experiences, and be the best version of ourselves. Let’s start a MOVEMENT!

So stay tuned to some very insightful and real conversations. But WAIT! Don’t keep all the goodness to yourselves. Sharing is caring. Let’s be the light we want to see in the world. TOGETHER!

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