“Imma Stand by My Man” – Tabitha Brown Inspired

“I was his dog in the fight… he believed in me… we did it together…” – Tabitha Brown

We live in a time where social media rules the topic of the day. Besides “Donda”, now trending (definitely a topic I’ll be exploring by the way), the incident between Wendy Williams and Tabitha Brown was echoing in the social media world just a few short weeks ago.  The video going viral within a matter of minutes. https://people.com/food/tabitha-brown-responds-to-wendy-williams-husband-marriage/   I’ve reflected on whether I should speak on this topic for obvious reasons. When do we share too much, or share too little? So, here goes nothing.

What really made this topic trend was the absolutely classic and most heartwarming, divine response from the wonderful Tabitha Brown.  I decided to speak on this as after watching the entirety of her response video, I could absolutely and totally relate. And what’s best is that she chose to respond to Wendy Williams in a very respectful, genuine, and most humble way. She spoke from the heart. And I felt every bit of her emotion. Because I too, am “Tabitha Brown.” https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQye9T5nIjb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

This issue had me in deep thought.  First, the tendency of Wendy Williams topics of discussion, or as she likes to call them, “Hot Topics”, being a bit harassing, and persecutory to say the least. For me, it nearly equates to damage done by social media trolls. The way someone can take something, put their own spin on it as if it were true, and then put it out in public for the world to see and respond to, it’s quite disturbing. I have been on the receiving end of such “trolling”. Its distressing, heartbreaking, and a complete and utter violation of someone’s privacy, of their family’s well-being, and the damage that this can cause to their livelihood. Truly destructive. And totally undeserved.

Secondly, from my perspective, it was a jab at another successful woman. This made me sad.  A woman who is so astoundingly proud of her husband. Standing by her man enough to announce the utmost pleasure to be able to retire him from a very dangerous line of work. At a time when the community fails to respect even the most angelic of the men in blue/green.  I felt this! Wholeheartedly. Because I too am a law enforcement wife. I too have a husband who has not only risked his life for our family, but who continues to do so day in and day out. A man who has also given his all for the community. Who’s dedicated his free time to at risk youth? Also, a commonality between my husband and hers, he developed a non-profit organization mentoring inner city kids and coaching them in the sport of Basketball. I saw a lot of myself in Tabitha Brown’s story. I could relate 100%. For being a public servant isn’t a fly by night career decision. It is something you do when you have a love for people.

In her video, she describes how her husband supported her dream. How he took on the role of public servant not only because he took his responsibility as provider to his family very seriously, but also because he was willing to do what he had to and in turn support her while she worked towards her aspirations.  She also remarks on something else that really hit home for me. I could relate to it on both sides. She expresses how it’s nearly impossible to be a “creative” while holding a full time job. It stunts your creativity. And boy could I relate! For my husband, it makes it difficult to focus on his non-profit and other community efforts. For me, it makes it difficult to find time to write. Needing to constantly refocus and make time for the things that bring us joy. A tough life for these two people-lovers, but, it could always be worse right?

The fact that Tabitha Brown was bold enough to publicly denounce the negativity being spewed was commendable to say the least. The fact that she was able to stand by her man when such a powerful and influential public figure put her own twist on their lives by deflecting her own personal experience, was bold and honorable. The fact that she has been able to find such tremendous success as  she made her mark first as a social media influencer with over 475k YouTube subscribers, then building her dream with her appearances in films and television, shows just how much her husband deserves the opportunity to be retired from the force. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_AXXiVoEIHbJrYQMsZK7g

What an absolute blessing. And it’s in hearing Tabitha Brown speak about how she stands by her man, that the number one source in their life, the one responsible for the success, for his safekeeping, and for the protection of this beautiful family… has been God. What a wonderful testimony. https://www.mashed.com/348054/the-untold-truth-of-tabitha-brown/

Today I STAND WITH TABITHA BROWN, as I give her a resounding ovation. An ovation coming from every law enforcement wife in this country and beyond, who watch their husbands put their dreams on hold (uh oh, getting emotional here), who put those bullet proof vests on before leaving for the day, hoping to return home to their family. This is a love story. The story of a man willing to risk it all for faithful provision. Serving the public while also serving his family.  And of a woman so appreciative and grateful for such an outstanding love, that she is willing to go the limits to make his dreams come true.  Thank you Tabitha Brown for giving women like myself a glimpse of hope that it is possible for the rest of us.

Knowing that this doesn’t only apply to law enforcement families, but families of white collar, blue collar, and the rest of the hardworking leaders of families all across the board. May this serve as a reminder to everyone that you can stand by your values, stand by your morals, stand by your ethical beliefs and standards, and still make an impact on this world? Furthermore, the reward you reap by sowing into the lives of others is much more valuable.

So, moral of the story: Don’t give up on your dreams.  Quiet the noise around you that is determined to break you. Pray for those who persecute you.  Remember who’s you are, and where you are going. The rest is a piece of cake. 😉

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